Be yourself. Be real

It is very difficult to accept reality. It is much easier to try not to pay attention to her, playing games like “I am not like” or “I want to be different”. Others will not work anyway, but to stop feeling “not like that, but to others” – you can. Actually, unsuccessful attempts to be who we are not lead to only one result – we cease to understand and feel our own desires.

Tension, anxiety occurs due to a gap between who we are, and who we want to be. A novice specialist who does not yet understand in practical activity, has two options for the path: to recognize reality or ignore it by playing an experienced pros. Then or “I don’t understand what is happening in what is happening, explain to me, please” or “OK, all processes under control” (accompanied by increasing anxiety).

One of the tasks of human lies is to hide from the reality of the liar itself. Many small untruths and self -deceptions permeate our lives … For example, pretend that you know what they say to you, and you take to answer, instead of just admitting: “I did not understand what you had in mind”. “I’m trying to explain to this moron what he is wrong” instead of “I just humiliate him – I am pleased”.

It’s scary to realize that you are not as good as you draw yourself. For this awareness, you need to do very little – pay attention to what you are currently doing. And not what you want to do or what you plan. A simple designation of reality often brings relief – because the forces expended to defend from it are released.

For example, an infinite amount of time, who had grown up, consciously and unconsciously, tried to prove to her already dead mother that she was not a prostitute, as she called her “loving” mother. But since you prove that not … what will be a reality? “I am a daughter who believes the mother in the fact that I am a prostitute”. And if even easier?


“I must prove to the mother and all others that I am not a prostitute” and “I believe that I am a prostitute”. What phrase is more stress and anxiety? And who then mom, by the way? This is a woman who convinces her daughter that she, daughter, prostitute. Nothing but a designation of reality. No assessments, no self -flagellation ..