Legal Rap

Legal Rap

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Hey there, here I go, gonna lay down the law, from New Zealand to India, no need for a flaw. Got your taxes in check, claim tax back in New Zealand, no need to be puzzled, just follow the path.

Now let’s talk about lease, and what’s a license, lease vs license agreement, know the difference, no need for disparagement.

In India, they say crypto is the way to go, Cryptocurrency in India legal, so don’t be medieval. Understand the laws, no need to be cynical.

New York State, oh what a debate, Sexting laws in New York, know your boundaries, don’t fall short. Stay within the lines, no need for retort.

Now let’s chill in Paris, talk about climate change, Paris climate agreement simplified, keep it real, no need to complicate. Save the world, no need to procrastinate.

Be a legal guardian, it’s a role to play, Legal guardian advantages and disadvantages, know the pros and cons, no need to be vexed. Care for the person, no need to be perplexed.

Running a business in Maryland, get your legal advice, Small business attorney Maryland, know your rights, no need to think twice. Get the help you need, no need for compromise.

For your LLC, an operating agreement is key, Is operating agreement required for LLC, get the facts straight, no need to be wary. Protect your business, no need to be a fairy.

Passenger liability in Malaysia, know what’s on the line, Legal liability to passenger Malaysia, understand the law, no need to decline. Keep your passengers safe, no need to redesign.

Thinking of a law office, wonder if it’s legit, Is Telan Law Office legit, check the reviews, no need to commit. Get the facts straight, no need to omit.

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